The PT-54-TE projection chipset features individually packaged Red, Green and Blue LEDs, each with a monolithic emitting area of 5.4 mm2, and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

PT-54 TE is designed for projection systems based on micro-displays ranging from 0.4" to 0.55" and is an ideal light source for compact, high performance lamp-free mobile projectors.

Like all Luminus projection Big Chip LEDs, the PT-54 can be used with DLP®, LCoS and HTPS LCD micro-displays. PT-54 devices are available in chipset or individually for high performance illumination applications.


  • 5.4 mm2 emitting area (2.7 mm x 2.0 mm )
  • Typical dominant wavelengths: GREEN 525 nm, BLUE 460 nm
  • Large operating dynamic range with drive current up to 16.2A (pulsed operation)
  • Single emitting area per color allows for collection with single lens for simplified optics
  • Thermally efficient, metal-core printed circuit board (MCPCB) package (26.5mm X 16.0mm footprint) with 0.7 °C/W thermal resistance

Benefits & Applications

  • Wide color gamut for vivid colors, exceeds NTSC
  • Environmentally friendly technology: Mercury-free, RoHS compliant
  • Instant start: no more wait time
  • High reliability: no more lamp replacement
  • Applications: Projection Displays, Specialty, Industrial and Medical Lighting

Typical dominant wavelengths: GREEN 525nm, BLUE 460nm, and RED-AMBER 613nm.

  • Active
    Dominant Wavelength Chip Emitting Area Package Type & Dimensions Max Drive Current Lumen range at rated condition
    Red Amber: 613nm
    Green: 525nm
    Blue: 460nm
    2.7mm x 2.0mm MCPCB, 26.5mm x 16.0mm 16.2A* Red Amber: 1,125 -1,450 lumens
    Green: 2,000-2,700 lumens
    Blue: 375-550 lumens at 460 nm

* Peak pulsed current operation.