SBM-120-UV Series LEDs are high performance surface mount packages with a compact footprint designed for high density printing and curing applications. SBM-120 LEDs provide exceptional value on a $/W basis by delivering over 25 W of optical power from a 10 mm x 11 mm footprint. The vertical UV chips in SBM-120s enable high power output while the compact, isolated package simplifies electrical design for high density applications. A low profile protective window facilitates optical coupling and maximizes irradiance.


  • Over 20 W/cm2 optical output from a compact footprint.
  • High thermal conductivity package - 0.28 °C/W junction to case
  • Available in 365, 385, 395 and 405 nm
  • Unencapsulated die with low profile window maximizes irradiance
  • Electrically isolated thermal path
  • Optionally available on copper board – 0.4 °C/W [junction-board] – “R34” package option


  • Spot/Area Curing
  • Industrial Curing
  • Printing: Flexo, Offset, Ink Jet and Screen Printing
  • Machine Vision
  • Fiber-coupled illumination
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Entertainment Lighting / Black Lights
  • Active
    Peak Wavelength Chip Emitting Area Package Type & Dimensions Drive Current Typical Power Range
    365 nm

    385 nm

    385 nm

    405 nm

    5.3 mm x 3.9 mm

    SMT, 11 mm x 10 mm

    2.25 A
    8 W-17 W

    12 W-30 W

    12 W-32 W

    11 W-30 W