Senior Process Development Engineer

Luminus, Inc. is seeking a qualified professional to fill the position of Senior Process Development Engineer.


Senior Process Development Engineer


Sunnyvale, CA

Date Posted


Job Duties

Develop packaging processes for next generation LED products for general and specialty lighting applications.

Evaluate die attach materials from vendors.

Optimize die attach process by identifying key process input variables and design experiments using a Datacon pick-and-place machine.

Develop and implement process control techniques for die attach wire bonding using a DAGE 4000 and use an X-ray machine to inspect voids after solder attach process.

Optimize curing and sintering profiles after die attach process.

Design experiments to understand bonding parameter effects on wire pull and ball shear values to optimize bonding parameter selection.

Develop robust platelet attach process with well controlled thickness.

Work with reliability test team to evaluate various platelet attach materials.

Generate intellectual property and work with patent attorneys to file patent applications as needed.

Job Requirements

Master’s in Industrial or Materials Engineering or related + 2 years’ experience as Process Engineer for Lighting Manufacturing or related

Please mail resume with job code #224 to: Luminus, Inc., Attn: HR #224, 1145 Sonora Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94086