UV Curing

From touch screens to mobile phones to labels on bottles of water, UV LEDs have revolutionized how objects get cured—instant on, no VOCs and long lifetimes are some of their advantages. UV Curing whether printing, coating or adhesives requires maximizing intensity to increase throughput. Luminus engineers its LEDs to be driven at ultra-high current densities to maximize W/cm2 in curing systems. Our wide range of 365-405nm products, from die to lensed and un-lensed packages and with 1-30 W of UV power, enable modular and scalable designs for spot, line and array curing applications.

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing & Industrial Applications

3D printers utilizing DLP technology offer excellent accuracy, surface quality and consistent mechanical properties of printed parts. Luminus, a pioneer in developing LEDs for DLP® products, offers a selection of LEDs that are designed to maximize performance in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing space. The un-lensed LEDs are designed and qualified for high current operation to maximize Watts/mm2 and the packages are designed for easy integration into light engines. High precision die placement enables accurate optical alignment; the emitting areas are optimized for products that use DLP® technology to maximize throughput in etendue constrained applications.

0.95” 1080p 0.65” 1080p 0.47” 1080p TRP 0.45” WXGA
CBM-120 CBM-80 CBM-40 CBM-40
CBT-39 CBT-39

Luminus UV LEDs are also transforming a range of industrial applications including maskless lithography, industrial endoscopy, and machine vision, where the benefits of DLP® based digital and optical control enable improved perfromace.


Solid-state Illumination continues to create new possibilities in Medical and Life Science applications by improving diagnostics and enabling novel techniques. With extremely high intensity and an optical interface ideal for etendue-limited applications, Luminus LEDs are increasingly replacing high-performance xenon lamps delivering equivalent or superior performance with higher stability and longer lifetime. Luminus UV LEDs are perfect for Medical endoscopy, fluorescence Microscopy and imaging, and phototherapy

Reconciling the long life cycles of medical products with the fast pace of the LED industry, Luminus offers an option for Medical & Industrial Grade for select products. Please contact your local representative for more information.

4 and 5 mm fibers 3 mm fiber
CBT-90-UV 415 nm CBT-39

Disinfection & Sterilization SOLUTIONS

UV-C radiation offers a chemical-free approach to disinfection. The compact size, high optical efficiency and eco-friendliness of UV-C LEDs is revolutionizing disinfection—creating new applications that were not possible with mercury lamps. Luminus UV-C LEDs enable applications such as healthcare disinfection, water and air purification, and surface disinfection of baby products and consumer appliances.