The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the surge in trends toward vehicle electrification (EVs), shared mobility, advanced driver assistance systems, and autonomous driving technologies.

Future vehicles will be connected, safe, and interactive, thanks to technology like extended reality and AI.

Integral to this evolution, lighting assumes a pivotal role in engaging motorists and other road users, driving the adoption of cutting-edge lighting technologies aimed at augmenting road safety and driving comfort. Dynamic light projection systems, for instance, empower dynamic high-definition visualization of road and vehicle status information, coupled with personalized styling elements.

At Luminus, we specialize in delivering advanced LED technologies powering the next generation of automotive display applications.

Image 1

Augmented Reality HUD

Image 2

Holographic HUD

Image 3

Interior Dynamic Lighting

Image 4

Rear/Side Window Displays

Image 5

Dynamic Ground Projection

Image 6

High-Resolution Headlights
with Symbol Projection

Luminus projection LED chipsets are intricately designed to precisely match the etendue and aspect ratio of all Texas Instruments automotive DLPTM, thereby optimizing optical efficiency and minimizing the footprint of projection engines. Additionally, with industry-leading flux density, our LEDs guarantee maximum total light output from the system.

TI Automotive DLP™ Solutions Luminus Optimized LED Chipset Platforms
Model DLP™ Class DMD Pixel Resolution SFT-06XA SFT-12XA SFM-25XA SFT-42XA-W
DLP202x-Q1 0.20" 588 x 330
DLP302x-Q1 0.30" 864 x 480
DLP462x-Q1 0.46" 960 x 480
DLP55xx-Q1 0.55" 1152 x 576

For inquiries regarding your automotive light projection project, please don't hesitate to reach out to Luminus at . Let's illuminate the future of automotive lighting together.