Infrared Applications

Luminus offers infrared LEDs at 850nm and 940nm. Our IR SST family comes in two different beam angles 90-degree and 130-degree and are specifically designed to handle the high pulse currents used in most infrared applications.

For CCTV exterior applications where mid to long range illumination is required, SST-10 products can be used at both 850nm and 940nm typically in conjunction with an external lens. Due to their high efficiency, these LEDs are also a good match for IR illumination applications that require a dense array of high efficient LEDs to illuminate objects located several hundreds of feet away from the source.

Other applications such as ANPR (automatic plate number recognition) or 3D gaming/gesture recognition take advantage of the fast speed response of our IR SST-series LEDs whereas for defense applications, our 940nm IR LEDs can provide stealth mode operation by dramatically reducing the so-called red glow.

Finally, Luminus continues to work with selected customers to develop custom LEDs at specific wavelengths for the most demanding applications. Please contact your local representative for more information.