Circadian & Human Centric

What are human centric lighting and circadian lighting? The lighting industry is filled with a wide range of answers to this question. Very simply put, humans have been living historically during daytime hours under the sun, which usually produces a broad spectrum 6500K environment. Most lighting designers avoid the “bluish” color of such cool 6500K sources, but that blue/cyan portion of the spectrum actually helps to suppress melatonin in our bodies and keeps us awake. While we need that blue stimulus during the day, at night we need to prepare our bodies for sleep with warmer CCTs such as 2700K, 2200K, or even 1800K. Luminus offers a full range of LED packages delivering both warm and cool CCTs with high color rendering and high efficacy. Our CCT tunable COB modules offer a combination of cool and warm CCTs in one package to enable basic human centric lighting systems. Luminus LEDs enable lighting systems which keep human circadian rhythms on track, so we can have both productive days and restful nights.