Stage Lighting Applications

Luminus LEDs for Stage Lighting enable extraordinary light intensity, dynamic color tuning, and precise beam shaping. Luminus has advanced solid-state lighting technology to levels at or beyond those of premium discharge lamps enabling designers to do more with their light and create new experiences.


These color-mixing fixtures deliver precise optical control and punch. Luminus’ compact emitters are perfect for these applications and feature excellent optical interfaces for the efficient collection and mixing of colors. Our RGB and RGBW solutions are scalable from 10W to over 30W in operation. To address the many and varied needs, Luminus offers many options allowing luminaire engineers to optimize for power, cost and performance.

Beam spots

Beam spots require precisely engineered and specialized LEDs in order to produce very narrow beam angles, a few degrees or less, and to overcome the etendue limitations of most LEDs. Luminus’ CFT and CBT LEDs are engineered to replace HID lamps and deliver thousands of very tightly focused lumens from a compact, monolithic emitter.

Spots, Profiles, Gobos

Spotlights, PARs and Gobos are dominant fixtures in the world of architectural, stage and studio lighting. Whether the need is for white or for color illumination, Luminus SFT series delivers the power, etendue, intensity, and form factor necessary for today’s most efficient, powerful and long-lived luminaires.

Washlights Beam spots Spots, Profiles, Gobos
SBM-40 CFT-90-W SFT-10-RGB
CBT-140-W SFT-20-RGB

Architectural & Urban Lighting

The diversity of luminaires and applications in the architectural and urban lighting segments calls for an equally diverse portfolio of LEDs that can work individually or in combination to provide the desired light and effect. With a broad range of form factors, power capabilities and complete coverage of all colors, the Luminus portfolio is ready for the most demanding tasks.

Landscape lighting Decorative and accent
urban lighting
Pool / Fountain lighting Beacon and landmark lighting
SST-20 color SST-10 series SBM-40 SBT-90-W
SST-20-W SST-20 series CBT-90 Color SST-90-R
SFT-10/20 color CBT-140-W SFT-10/20 RGB
SBM-40 series CFT-90-W CBT-90-RGB