Projection and micro displays are increasingly a part of our daily lives. In cars, consumer electronics, appliances and more, Luminus LEDs are available in a range of form factors that allow these applications to be sleek and powerful and they deliver the necessary brightness, reliability, and color to make them functionally superior.

Head-Up Display

Reliability in life time and performance. Operation under stringent ambient condition.

Industrial Applications

Projection and displays are increasingly an important part of industrial applications including spectroscopy, 3D machine vision and much more. The Luminus portfolio includes the wavelengths, colors and form factors necessary for the myriad applications and environments in which they must operate efficiently and reliably.

Wearable & Head-Mounted Display

Efficiency, Smallest form factor and unique design for best fit application.

LED light source is best for color gamut, WPE and product reliability.Suitable for both LCoS and DLP. Luminus has capability in custom LED development for Wearable & Head-Mount application. Given each system design requires unique form factor and performance, we approach each project uniquely with our technology library.

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