Horticulture SOLUTIONS

The Luminus horticulture portfolio spans the spectrum from UV-A to Near Infrared Red. And because the illumination needs for crops vary, our SST family features two different beam angles: 90-degree and 120/130-degree so that the right solution can be implemented for each crop.

Luminus’ 450nm deep-blue and 660nm deep-red LEDs are used to provide light for photosynthesis. The 730nm far-red is used for a plant’s life-cycle from germination to vegetative growth and flowering. To make a more comfortable working environment for people, Luminus offers a horticulture white LED that can also be used to increase blue spectrum and broaden the engineering options.

Horticulture COBs are the most recent addition to Luminus’ offering. These application specific COBs provide high PPF in a custom spectrum suited for indoor lighting of specific crops.

Luminus COB and mid-power LEDs offer extensive options that are the perfect solutions for supplemental lighting or for applications where PPF/W/$ is the key metric.