Sanan Semiconductor SiC power devices are advanced semiconductors with high performance designed for today’s most rigorous power management applications. Compared to traditional silicon, SiC offers better power handling due to high voltage and current ratings, high frequency operation, and exceptional performance over a wide temperature range, thus increasing system density, efficiency, and compact designs.

SiC MOSFET construction by Sanan Semiconductor eliminates tail current, reduces switching loss, stabilizes for speed, and shrinks complimentary passives. Our SiC MOSFETs boast low on-state resistance and smaller die size than IGBTs, enabling compact packages and reduced capacitance. These benefits make Sanan SiC MOSFETs ideal for diverse sectors like renewable energy, motor controllers, UPSs, EVs, and HVAC systems, where reliability, efficiency, and wide operating ranges are essential.

Sanan is developing SiC MOSFETs with balanced performance, cost and capacity. Contact your local Luminus salesperson to hear about our latest new products and roadmap.


  • High Breakdown Voltage
  • Low on-state resistance
  • High switching frequency operation and very low switching losses
  • High temperature handling capability up to 175°C


  • Improves system efficiency compared to Si IGBT or MOSFET
  • Enables high power density
  • Reduces heat dissipation requirements
  • Operates at a more rugged condition
  • Provides enhanced system reliability and extended system lifespan
  • Enables the engineering of more compact power electronic systems


  • Electric Vehicle Inverter
  • Electric Vehicle On Board Charger
  • Energy Storage
  • Industrial Motor Drive
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Industrial UPS
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • PSU for Server and Storage
  • Solar Central Inverter
  • Solar String Inverter
  • Solar Micro Inverter


Part Number Technology Package VDS_max (V)▲▼ RDS(on)_max (mΩ) @ Tj = 25°C▲▼ ID @ 25°C (A)▲▼ Operating Temperature, max. (°C)▲▼ Qualification Status
SMS1200032M2-ISATH Gen2 TO247-4L 1200 32 typ., 43 max. 77 175 Industrial Active and preferred
SMS1200075M2-ISATH Gen2 TO247-4L 1200 72 typ., 92 max. 35 175 Industrial Engineering Sample Available
SMS1701000K-ISATH Gen1 TO247 1700 700 typ., 1200 max. 6.8 175 Industrial Active and preferred